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GTFO Escape Entertainment

GTFO Escape Entertainment is a live action adventure game which requires players to escape confinement using logic and exploiting their surroundings. We created their room intros and video promo, which has gained over a quarter million views and rising.

The Concept

Striving to be the most immersive escape room in Edmonton, GTFO needed immersive videos to introduce players to their rooms and equally immersive promotional video, which the audience can interact with.

To give the audience a sense of being in each of their creative rooms, we shot it as if we were a player “solving” the room. The promo video of course has its own puzzle to solve. If the viewer solves the puzzle in the video, they receive a discount code. To do this, the viewer might have to review the video several times, giving it high viewer retention and engagement. The concept of the video is to provide the audience an experience of their own, carrying the GTFO philosophy into video.

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The Production

We developed several videos, one promotional advertisement for web marketing, and videos for each individual room GTFO has. Each room video introduces the player to their game environment, and briefs the player as a background story.

The promotional video was shot in a Go Pro with a chest and head mount as we ran through different environments, one room flowing into the other in a smooth transition.

Web Promo


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