Star Wars vs Skyrim

The process


The goal of The Edge is to have two popular characters from popular franchises to battle as equals. Sure, there are others like it, but we really wanted to give it a cinematic take. Our focus was around the idea of “what if these characters ACTUALLY met in real life and what would that look like?” That means we wanted to create a real fight scene between two powerful characters, and highlight their skills and abilities.

Cosplay Armor

We first sketched out our designs on paper, and used EVA foam – something you use for floors for your home gym and garage – to cut out shapes, sand, then mold into armor. It was our first official cosplay armor, but it worked!

Our biggest challenge was to make these durable. The idea is that this needs to be practical, these needs to be realistic, so we have to create armor that will withstand hits, falls, and take damage.

Fight Choreography

Initially Arthur and Harvey set off to do their own fight choreography. With very little fight choreography experience. Through trial and error, it worked out – however, days before the shoot, the Sith Lord had to be suddenly recast. Fortunately, this was the first time we ran into a lovely talented local fight choreographer named Afton Rentz. She picked up the scene within a few hours, and added her own flare. She has proceeded to help Alpacalypse Choreograph future fights that are in development!


Afton Rentz – Sith

Lee Savage

Lighting, Sound and Focus Puller:
Gabby Moukhaiber

Steadicam Operator/Tech Supervisor, supplier of 90% of everything:
Corey Sadoway

David No (Behind the Scenes footage)
Jordan Mesiatowsky
Ben Lirag

Jessica Lee

Production Design:
Jessica Pelletier
Rick Lopez

Behind The Scenes/VO:
Brendin Evans

Lead Editor/Sound:
Arthur Mah

Additional Edit/Sound:
Harvey Li

Visual Effects:
Harvey Li

Directed By
Harvey Li & Arthur Mah

Corey Sadoway
David No
Afton Rentz
Lee Savage
Janine Waddell

Thank You

We had an awesome time making this video, and taking it to the Comic Expo with an amazing response. Thank you to everyone that worked so hard on Episode 1 of The Edge. Star Wars vs Skyrim.

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