Web Video Campaign


We worked with Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt with Eric Chang Consulting to develop and create a short video campaign to be quickly displayed on a variety of platforms.

The Concept

The idea of this project is to communicate that Tutti Frutti is not only a great place to get delicious treats, but a place you can visit for a break, relax, and take it easy. With all the options and toppings available, you can’t make a bad choice. We decided to contrast the bright, happy, and inviting decor of Tutti Frutti, with something that started much more dramatic. We had characters that are very stressed from their occupations and routines that require well thought out decisions. The camera zooms out to reveal they are now actually at a Tutti Frutti, and they can take a moment to enjoy themselves and not worry about making the wrong choice.

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The Production

We developed 4 videos to show each character having a hard time. A surgeon, a spy, student, and for Christmas, Santa Claus. We had a great time working with the team and the talented actors. The characters were portrayed by Dianne Mahoney as the Surgeon, Lee Savage as the Spy, and Skylar Radzion as the student. The end motion graphics were animated and the final voice over was provided by Dianne Mahoney as well.


    Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

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    October, 2016

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